Hello there!

Okay, the first hurdle is taken. I finished writing down the quotes of the Jericho episodes now. But I don’t wanna start at the end, so:
I’ve been a fan of Alicia Coppola for quite a time now, beginning with re-watching the first NCIS seasons. I really liked her performance so I bought “Velocity Trap” just out of curiosity. And then a friend lent me “Jericho”, and so on. I got to watch a couple of guest appearances and I toyed with the idea that there should be a fan page for Alicia a while. I took the decision when I read that she’s get a potentially recurring role in NCIS: Los Angeles and then started to screencap all the movies & episodes I got ahold of.

You can find screenshots, summaries, character infos and quotes in “Alicia’s Roles“, they’re also linked within the Filmography; as you can see, there’s still missing a lot. But I’m positive that I’ll be able to add more of her appearances soon, bit by bit.

I’ll keep you informed whenever I add a new gallery and, of course, if I find more news about Alicia.
I’m sure, that’ll be soon, considering that her appearance in NCIS: LA will air in October (if I should take a wild guess, 2×05 – but that’s really only a guess so far).


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