Guest Role in “Suits” & Recurring role in “Common Law” confirmed

Great news: Alicia will appear in one of the upcoming episodes of “Suits”. Also her recurring role in “Common Law” was confirmed!

Alicia Coppola is suiting up to deliver a whole lotta drama on USA Network’s Suits.

TVLine has exclusively learned that the Jericho alumna — who currently recurs on ABC Family’s The Nine of Lives of Chloe King — will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the dramedy as Alexandra Leeds, a woman from Harvey’s (played by Gabriel Macht) past who suddenly appears to stir up some big trouble for the legal eagle.

Even more good news for Coppola and Team USA: The actress has been promoted to recurring status on the cabler’s recently ordered-to-series buddy cop show, Common Law, effectively putting her back in business with her former Jericho boss, Jon Turteltaub.

Source: TVline

I’ll keep you updated if there are any further news!


2 responses to “Guest Role in “Suits” & Recurring role in “Common Law” confirmed

  1. what role is she pàlaying in common laws… i read a while ago that she was supposed to play Michael Elay’s character’s ex-wife or something?

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