At least one more “Chloe King” ep.

Alicia will return for at least (!) one more “Nine Lives of Chloe King” episode. As I repeated constantly in my tweets, ABC Family didn’t mention her in the press releases of 1×04 and 1×07, so there was no way telling you for sure if she’d come back in the next episodes.

There will be three more “Chloe King” episodes and Alicia’s role Valentina  is mentioned in the press release of one of them, namely the season finale. So that’s the status quo:

1×08 –  Heartbreaker – 2. Aug. 2011 => no idea; she may appear, but maybe not.

1×09 – Responsible – 9. Aug. 2011 => not mentioned, but probable, since there’ll be a Mai (Zane – see press release below) from another pride coming into the city and bonding with Jasmine, Valentina’s daughter. So I’m confident that she’ll be in this ep.

1×10 – [Season finale] – 16. Aug. 2011 => definite comeback! Press release:

Meanwhile, Valentina’s life hangs in the balance when she realizes that Zane’s intentions have nothing to do with his feelings for Jasmine. Paralyzed by Zane’s cruelty, Valentina is unable to prevent her daughter from walking into his trap and is forced to watch as Jasmine fights for her life.

Source: ABC Family

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