Common Law premiere

So, the first episode of the new show Common Law, “Joint Custody”, will air on January 26th at 10pm EST. According to the previous spoiler news, Alicia was supposed to be in the pilot episode.  I’m not sure if the pilot episode is the first ep, which would make sense of course, but on IMDB the pilot is listed as a different (unknown) episode. Also, her role name isn’t listed for the first episode, on the other hand she’s listed for the episodes 3 “Ride Along” & 4 “Performance Anxiety” (and according to the Common Law producer – as reported before – she’ll be in 2 of the first 4 episodes).

So I can’t rule out that she’ll be in the episode “Joint Custody”, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Safest way to be sure will be, to watch the episode 😉


3 responses to “Common Law premiere

  1. wasn’t she supposed to play Michael Ealy’s character’s Ex fiancée ou Wife… so she is only a recurring character? They should upgrade her to regular

    • The original announcement said: “Coppola is currently working on Common Law, a new pilot by her former Jericho producer Jon Turteltaub. If the pilot is picked up, she will recur as a pathologist who has a history with Law‘s leading man, Michael Ealy (The Good Wife).”
      I think it wasn’t announced which kind of history exactly her role would have with Ealy’s role. I guess it’s possible it’s an ex fiancee or at least ex girlfriend. We’ll have to wait for more information 🙂

  2. i was expecting her to have a role that has has both a link to general theme of the show, as a pathologist she would work in an ivestigation that needed autopsy and with the fact she and one of the main character sharing a past that would be an interesting dynamic, because i know Alicia knows how to play those i love you and i hate you at the same time kind of thing…

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