Ask your questions!

First, I apologize that I still wasn’t able to post anything about Alicia’s second Common Law episode. I depend on USA Network uploading the episode onto their homepage, but the only video available there is the pilot. Unless someone from the US with DVR makes screencaptures for me (and writes down Jonelle’s lines and tells me what happens in the episode “Ride Along”), I won’t be able to update the Common Law section, until USA Network uploads the episode.

Second: Alicia agreed to answer questions of her fans again, as she did with the first questionnaire. So, if you have any questions for her, please e-mail them to me:

I will compile a few questions (or pick a dozen, if there are too many), and forward them to Alicia. Please take a look at the first questionnaire before sending your questions; maybe she already answered yours 😉

And last, but not least: I assumed, that the big question about Jericho certainly would be asked, so I already asked it in advance 😉

If someone of the powers that be, asked you to re-join Jericho season 3 as Mimi, would you do it (that is, if you’re not involved in another project then)?

Of course we have all heard about the possibility of Netflix resurrecting JERICHO....A few of us, Skeet, Kenny and Brad have been chatting about it.... it would be most fun and of course, if it became a reality I would definitely be on board! I had such a great time on JERICHO and made some great friends.... I would welcome the opportunity.

Thank you, Alicia, for your kind replies!


6 responses to “Ask your questions!

  1. Let me just say, Alicia…I LOVED you on Another World. You created a character, Lorna Devon..that was so unique ..and strong. I also watched Jericho…loved it. NOW..I’ll have to find this Common Law show which I didn’t know about til Twitter !! You have many fans, Alicia. I’d like to know if you still live In New York or Long Island now. Thank you. Lynne from HIram, Ga….

  2. Hi Alicia,
    What was your favorite scene and memory from JERICHO?

  3. Hi Alicia…you really caught my eye in Jericho…and then I started noticing you in a lot of shows that you had appeared in before and after Jericho. Quite an impressive list. Upon further research I was surprised that you were on Remote Control. Recently I saw Double Down on Netflix (but it is called Zigs on IMDB). Sadly you were only in a couple of scenes…but I was wondering if you had any stories/ancedotes from that project? Thanks for your time and good luck in all your future endeavors.

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