American Dreams 2×12 and 2×15 galleries

I just realized I didn’t upload the screen caps of the last two American Dreams episodes, so I did that now.

American Dreams – 2×12 – Real to Reel

American Dreams – 2×15 – Shoot the Moon

Have fun 🙂

PS: you can find the caps of the other AD episodes here.


2 responses to “American Dreams 2×12 and 2×15 galleries

  1. After getting an email update on 6/8/14 about sie changes re radio interviews and potential links, etc., I went to the site, but got this error message when trying to look at both American Dream 2 X12 and 2 X 15 caps: Not Found
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    Search for:
    *************************************************************************************Granted, this had nothing to do with the email update about radio interviews and I haven’t even checked there yet, but thought that I’d alert you to it anyway. The “error” message quirk coulf also be due to my iPad mini, especially if the Galleries had anything associated with Flash, as Apple, in its infinite wisdom has made Flash (usually videos, though) unavailable on its iPad unless I buy a workaround app, yada yada yada.

    • Hi, thanks for pointing that out! I’ve only updated the pages for the first three American Dreams episodes so far. That’s why you get error messages for the other episodes. I’ll try to update them as soon as possible.

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