Radio shows / interviews

Hi there, long time no see.

Since Alicia was guest on quite a few radio shows since she has published “Gracefully Gone”, I added a new page with information on the date and – if available – a link to the site where you can download / listed to it: Radio shows / Interviews. (TV & Radio appearances –> Radio shows/Interviews)

I’ll try to keep it updated!

PS: You might have noticed that the “roles” pages had disappeared for a while. They’re going through a makeover. The pages for Ally McBeal, 3/8 American Dreams, Blind Justice, Blood Money, Bones and Castle are back online, but it’ll take a while to edit all of them, so please be patient. 🙂


One response to “Radio shows / interviews

  1. Erik Von Handorf

    Got to listen to the podcast on the Stamie &Tracy show with Alicia as their guest. The joy and camaraderie the three had throughout the show waswonderful, particularly as they all talked about their young children’s funny quirks. Those times pass so quickly (my youngest just graduated college in Washington state, and has decided to stay, live and work in Walla Walla, WA, where her Whitman College is located, rather than return to Texas. All our kids are grown, now, with their own small families andare spread literally from coast-to-coast, so my wife and I are officialy empty-nesters. It was wonderful to hear the zest, energy and the attitude of “life-ain’t-so-serious” of the 40-somethings on that podcast, andto hear them enjoying their young childrens’ lives so much. That time passes so quickly. First, the teenage-alien imposter arrives living in your child’s room, but no longer speaking the same language as you and certainly finding being with you than out hanging with his / her friends to be unthinkable, but you still are useful as a provider of cash, rides, and ultimately a car and car insurance; then you send him / her offto college as your “eighteen-year-commitment” comes to an end. You can fool yourself if you want, for thefirst year of college or two, especially when (s)he comes “home” for summer vacation and/or Christmas break, but the reality soon sets in that, instead of your young adorable child, who needed you so much and withwhom you spent so much time, is now a young adult out beginning his/ her own life. Our kids are all grown, now, and living literally coast-to-coast. Beyond occasional Skype “visits” or iPhone video chats, it gets too hard physically and financially, as you get further and further into your 60s to see them much at all anymore, if their work, marriage or life took them far away. So it was great to hear Stamie, Tracy and Alicia talking with such joy. Good for them, it was a great show, and thanks to the Administrator of this Alicia Coppola Fan Site for making it possible. p.s. My wife and I just got an eight-week-old Golden Retriever puppy to fill the now-empty nest with some vital new energy (our 12-year-old Golden that we had gotten for the kids while they were young, passed in early 2013 from chronic kidney failure, and it was probably the hardest thing we ever had to go through). Life starts anew every day, and while the memories, pictures and videos are fun to look at now and then, you just gotta keep putting one foot infront of the other every day until its your time to rest.

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