“Celebrity Moms on raising gifted children” – Interview with Alicia

Here’s an interview with Alicia about raising gifted children:

The NY Gifted Education Examiner spoke with Ms. Coppola about her experience raising extraordinary children, and her hopes for the future of gifted education in America.

NYGEE: When and how did you realize that your children were gifted? How did you feel about it? Have your feelings on the subject changed or evolved over the years?

AC: Mila is our first child. (My husband) Anthony is the youngest of six siblings, and had experience with the babies and children of his older siblings. I did not.
Mila spoke at 8 months, knew her alphabet and had perfect letter recognition by 12 months, had the verbal skills of an adult by two and at three years old she was reading "The Atlas Of The Human Body" in my doctor’s office, telling him why she wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon instead of a neurosurgeon. At this point we knew she was a bit different than other children.

Please continue  here (part 1) and here (part 2).


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