Standup comedy at Flappers Comedy Club

Better late then never: 🙂

Source: Alicia @ Facebook


4 responses to “Standup comedy at Flappers Comedy Club

  1. I’m getting an error message for the new video, saying the video is no longer available or that I don’t have permission to view it. I clicked on “learn more”, but it didn’t clear anything up for me. Any ideas?

    • Apparently, one needs a facebook account (and be logged in) to watch it. I’ll ask Alicia if she can upload it at youtube, or lets me do it.

      • Marianne Holt

        Thanks Foedhrass. I do have a Facebook account, but there always seems to be a catch…I had to be logged into it! 🙂 I was thinking that this would be Alicia’s second and more recent show at Flapper’s Club, as the first time had already been shown on Twitter. However, watching the first one again, I have to say…she makes a fantastic (X-rated, not for kids) comedian! I am STILL laughing! Her timing is impeccable and her girls provide her with incredible material! It’s what she does with that material that makes her a comedian par excellence!

  2. You are absolutely right, I also laughed myself to tears.
    I already asked Alicia if there’s a video of her second performance. No answer yet. I’ll keep you updated (although you’ll probably see it first on her Facebook page or Twitter anyway, it there is one… ;))

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