Ally McBeal

In the two-part episode 5×16 and 5×17 „Love is all around, Part I & II“ Alicia plays the tough section boss Holly Richardson whose supervisor ordered her to go on a course for bullying principals. When she refused to go there, she got fired. Now she takes legal steps against her former supervisor because of this sexist measure.


Two other principals had been sent to this course – both also female. In her and her lawyers’ opinion this measure answered the purpose to make the women soft instead of letting them be capable to stand their ground in a men’s world.


She admits being tough and demanding, but dismisses the question whether she is a bully: She just stood up for herself when her boss demanded that she should attend this course. Although her lawyers have serious problems with the attorney on the other side, in the end Holly wins the case and the company has to pay compensation.


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