Blood Money

In „Blood Money“ Alicia plays Gloria Restrelli, a member of a weakened mafia family.


Her role is pretty small, except for one tiny dialogue nothing that adds to the movie plot. After Gloria’s older brother gets killed, she advises the girlfriend of her younger brother to leave, while they can.

Later she discusses the gender of an old acquaintance with her uncle, a (male) badass felon whom her uncle now seems to recognize in a (female) supermarket cashier.


After he played golf with this (wo)man Gloria teases him about if he’ll see her again.



Gloria: Get out while you can. Take my brother with you.
Chloe: He just came back for the funeral. I’m very sorry about..
Gloria: Primo? Yeah… everybody is.
Chloe: You’re gonna ask me if I love him. I think that’s why you came over here, is it?
Gloria: I came over here because they wouldn’t let me smoke over there.
Chloe: Oh.
Gloria: I know you love him. Very loveable. In fact… if I liked men and he wasn’t my brother, I’d give you a run for your money.

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