In the „Bones“ episode „The girl in the fridge“ Alicia plays the jury consultant Joy Deaver, who doesn’t mince her words, when she accuses the lead character (Temperance ‚Bones’ Brennan/Emily Deschanel) that she isn’t able to capture the jury’s attention, contrary to the defense’s expert.


Of course she doesn’t endear herself to the lead characters though Booth (David Boreanaz) knows that she, painfully directly, tells the truth.


Quotes from this episode:

  • Deaver: But jurys don’t like you. I’ve seen you testify before, Dr. Brennan. You come off cold and aloof and I wanna make sure-
    Brennan: Cold and aloof?!
    Deaver: Try not interrupting, it makes you sound arrogant. Also don’t frontload your testimony with technical crap
    Booth: This really is not the best approach…
    Brennan: I’m a technical witness, I’ve testified in over thirty trials.
    Deaver: But most of the experts you’ve come up against are as dry and boring as you are. Now I don’t know if you’ve seen their expert…
    Booth: She’s seen him, Ms. Deaver.
    Deaver: Well… then you understand my concern. Professor Stires is… open, charming, great looking. Jury’s gonna love him. I love him!
    Brennan: This isn’t a personality content. It’s about data that we present to the jury.
    Deaver: You’re kidding, right? The women on the jury aren’t gonna be listening to a word, that comes out of his mouth. They’re gonna be undressing him. I don’t want the men on the jury to be putting more clothes on you. Wear something blue, it suggests truth. Make eye contact with the jury, and lose the clunky necklace.
    Brennan: Mary and Scott Costello murdered Maggie Schilling. The forensic data I’ve compiled proofs that. That should be enough.
    Deaver: But it isn’t enough.
  • Deaver [abouth Brennan]: She can’t connect. Those killers are gonna walk.
  • Booth [about and to Deaver]: You know, for a people person, you’re a little rude!
  • Deaver: I’ve no problems with the facts as long as the jury can understand them.
    Brennan: You’re underestimating their intelligence.
    Deaver: You’re overestimating their ability to stay awake! When these asinine perverts walk on this, it will be on your head. [walks away]
    Brennan: Can you believe that? What, you agree with her?
    Booth: Not entirely.
    Brennan: Not entirely, so, that means, partly.
  • Deaver: The jury loves Stires. He looks like a regular guy who’s not allowed to speak the truth because the stupid rules get in the way.
    Brennan: The rules of jurisprudence aren’t stupid.
    Deaver: Dr. Brennan, you need to learn the difference between reality and perception. A trial is all about perception.
    Brennan: Wow. You’re the reason, civilization is declining!
    Deaver [to Booth]: Talk to her!
    Booth: I kind of agree with her. [Deaver walks away]
    Brennan: Thanks.
    Booth: Na, I don’t really agree with you. I just… I don’t like her.

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