In the episode „The Final Nail“, Alicia plays Amber Patinelli, a good friend of the murder victim Vicky Westlake. The cops ask her about a worker with whom Vicky supposedly fought. She tells them that Vicky suspected the workman to have stolen her engagement ring.


Later when the cops stake out Simon (Tom Irvin), the ex-husband of the victim, they see Amber and Simon kiss. They bring them in. Simon acts reluctantly towards Amber. So Castle (Nathan Fillion) implies that Simon would rather have spent Valentine’s Day with Vicky instead of Amber. When Beckett (Stana Katic) then confronts Amber that she went to see Vicky, Amber confesses that she killed her friend after she begged her to leave Simon alone but Vicky refused.

Cast13 Cast20


Ryan: We would like to talk to you about Vicky Westlake.
Amber: Of course. Oh my god, it’s just so terrible!
Esposito: Vicky’s husband said that she had a fight with one of the workmen at her house?
Amber: She fired the carpenter Morris Hasberg. My god, you don’t think Morris did this?!
Ryan: We’re looking at several suspects.
Esposito: What did Morris do to get fired?
Amber: He stole her engagement ring. Vicky was afraid of getting mocked so she didn’t wear it much. Vicky looked for it in her jewelery box last week. It was missing.
Ryan: Jewelery box… my fiance never takes her ring off her finger.
Amber: Is your fiance’s ring eleven carat? Morris was hired to make a cabinet for the master bath. He was to only person in the bedroom. Vicky told him, if he didn’t return the ring she’d have to call the police. Morris went crazy.
Ryan: Crazy how?
Amber: He came to the house on monday morning and he made a scene. He said that if she didn’t stop telling lies, bad things would happen.

Beckett: I didn’t realize that the two of you were a couple.
Simon: Oh it’s very casual.
Amber: Oh, for a long time we were just friends. I was a shoulder to cry on after the divorce. It’s only been recently that… [takes his hands]
Beckett: Any plans for Valentine’s day?
Simon: Nothing special, no.
Castle: You were hoping to spend it with Vicky, right?
Amber: What does that mean? Simon?
Simon: Uhm.. Vicky and I have been talking, that’s all. How is this relevant to anything, detective?
Beckett: Did Vicky know about you and Amber?
Simon: No. I didn’t want her to know.
Castle: So it’s possible that Vicky innocently confided in her friend Amber telling her she was leaving Damian and going back to Simon, not knowing, that he was your Simon now.
Beckett: Amber, you called for a company car 4:15 on wednesday afternoon, we just talked to the dispatcher. He says you ordered a Sedane and kept it for an hour, a round trip to the Westlakes and back. We found a nail gun with fingerprints that we couldn’t identify. If we compare them to yours, do you think we’d find a match [Amber sighs traurig]. You didn’t go there intending to kill her, did you?
Amber: No! I just wanted to talk. [to Simon] She could have any man she wanted, and I begged her to let me have you. She said no. I love you so much. She could never love you the way that I do.


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