Chicago Hope

In the episode „Verdicts“ she plays Alice Bishop, a young mother of twins. The family got injured in a hit-and-run car crash. When Dr. Austin (Christine Lahti) tells her, that her daughter is well under the circumstances and that she should be with her, she reacts proud that her daughter is such a strong girl, but then reveals that she can’t leave her son – who, according to other doctors is braindead. She doesn’t want to believe that.


Shortly afterwards the daughter’s circulatory collapses and she’s about to die, if she doesn’t receive a new heart. Dr. Austin tells Alice, that there are good chances that the twin brother’s organs could be compatible, so she makes the hard decision to give up the hope for her son and agree to the organ donation.

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Nevertheless Dr. Austin has to break the bad news to her, that the twins’ blood types aren’t compatible so that her daughter is gonna die. Later Dr. Austin identifies a man with chest injuries as the accident perpetrator and hands him over to the police. Another child in the same hospital, that was born without any odds of survival, dies and its parents agree to organ donation to give its short life a purpose, so Alice’s daughter can be saved.

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  • Alice: What’s to tell? He ran the light? And tore the van in half, he hit us so hard. I bet he hadn’t even a scratch on.
    Policeman: The driver was a male? You said ‚he’.
    Alice: Yeah… only a man could do something like this and keep going.
  • Alice: Dr. Austin… how is Lisa?
    Dr. Austin: She came through the surgery with flying colours.
    Alice: So she’s… she’s gonna be okay?
    Dr. Austin: Things are looking really good.
    Alice: She’s a fighter, isn’t she?
    Dr. Austin: Oh yeah.
    Alice: She takes after her mama.
    Dr. Austin: Mrs. Bishop, is there anybody I can call for you? Your husband, or…
    Alice: No. He doesn’t come around anymore.
    Dr. Austin: You know, why don’t I take you to post-op. Your daughter is still sedated, but at least you could see her.
    Alice: I don’t wanna leave Eric.
    Dr. Austin: I’m sorry?
    Alice: Eric… my son. Lisa’s big brother by three minutes.
    Dr. Austin: I didn’t realize…
    Alice: He has a head injury. They are saying that he is dead, but… I don’t think so. No…
  • Alice: A heart attack? But she’s only six months old!
    Dr. Austin: Lisa developed a blood clot in one of her carotid arteries. It damaged her heart.
    Alice: What damaged it, how bad?
    Dr. Austin: It’s serious.
    Alice: Are you trying to tell me that my daughter’s dead now, too?
    Dr. Austin: All I’m saying is, she needs a heart transplant, Alice. I’d like to put Lisa on an organ recipient list. Now, I know, this is a lot for you to think about but, time is a factor here and… and I need your permission to go ahead.
    Alice: How long does she have?
    Dr. Austin: We don’t know. That’s why I have to get her on the list rightaway.
    Alice: Eric and Lisa, they were just being fussy. Thought if I could take them for a drive, calm them down… There was no reason for me to be on the road.
    Dr. Austin: You can’t blame yourself!
    Alice: I don’t blame myself! I blame the son of a bitch who did this! Look what he did.
    Dr. Austin: I know… look, Alice, because Eric and Lisa are siblings, there’s potential for a direct donation here. Being twins it’s very likely that they’re compatible. I mean, we could wait for a donor but Lisa doesn’t have a lot of time. He’s gone, Alice. It’s just the machine now. I’m sorry.
    Alice: You hear these stories where people just… wake up. Isn’t there any chance. I mean you should see how he loves his sister. He just loves to be around her all the time.
    Dr. Austin: This way he can be. He can save other children, too.
    Alice: [whispering to her son] Eric… honey… Mama doesn’t know… your sister needs you. Everyone is saying that your not alive and when they’re wrong, you gotta show me! Open your eyes! Please!
  • Alice: Thanks for bringing Lisa up here. I wanted to have them to have some time together. [Dr. Austin slowly shakes her head] No… I can’t take anymore bad news…
    Dr. Austin: Lisa and Eric aren’t a match.
    Alice: They’re twins.
    Dr. Austin: They have incompatible blood types. Alice, Lisa is status one and another heart might become available in time. I have a daughter, I know how you must feel.
    Alice: Oh no you don’t. Not unless she is dying, too.
    Dr. Austin: Alice, I’m sorry. It’s time. We need Eric. Hey.. you’re doing a wonderful thing, you know? By donating Erics organs. It’s another mom out there with a really sick baby. You’re answering her prayers.
    Alice: Yeah… Who’s gonna answer mine?
  • Dr. Austin: Hey.
    Alice: Police told me what you did.
    Dr. Austin: I wish I could do more.
    Alice: No donors…
    Dr. Austin: No. We’ll keep Lisa going for as long as we can.

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