1×01 – Pilot

The Common Law pilot episode was also Alicia’s first (of five) episode(s) in the first season of this new USA Network show.

She plays the forensic pathologist Jonelle, who – that was already announced in the role description – has a history with Travis. In the pilot episode Wes guesses right, when Travis tries to duck out of a meeting with Jonelle: He dated her once (literally) – it was a one-night stand and he did not call her back after that.


And he has all reasons to be afraid of her, because as a pathologist she obviously knows how to kill him without leaving trace evidence.

That’s in fact, what Wes and her talk about – in the presence of Travis, whom she ignores until he admits that he’s a jerk – please note that she’s cutting open the body and pointedly chopping up the liver (?) of the victim while talking about ways to kill Travis ;D


Then she continues to cut him short and ignore him, purposely talking only to Wes and finally shoos him away (but not so much in a malevolent but rather ironic, teasing way… I don’t know how to express this. You should watch it yourself, if you haven’t yet.)

clp15 clp19

Screencaps (c) USA Network


(In front of the door)

  • Wes: What are you doing?
  • Travis: Oh just go on in, man, I’m just gonna hang out here and make a phone call.
  • Wes: You dated the coroner? [Travis nods, grimacing] One-night stand? [T. nods again, still grimacing] Let me guess, you didn’t call her after? [T. shakes his head… still grimacing] This is why we don’t date people at work!


  • Jonelle: My report’s not ready yet!
  • Travis?: Any preliminary results?
  • Jonelle: Yeees…
  • Wes: Listen, Jonelle, I was wondering, if you were gonna kill Travis…
  • Jonelle: Wow!
  • Wes: You like it already. How would you do it? Because I gotta tell ya I’ve been tossing this around a lot. I was thinking, I could strangle him, which would be very satisfying, and then hang him, make it look like suicide.
  • Jonelle: Hm, yeah, but your best bet would be poisoning, insulin or potassium chloride. Undetectable.
  • Travis: Yeah, but if I did turn up dead, you’d be the first person they’d come after, Wes.
  • Jonelle: Oh, he’s right. The safest thing would be to leave no corpse behind.
  • Wes: That’s right. No body, no crime… could I […], or would I have to chop him up first?
  • Jonelle: You’d have to chop him up really…
  • Travis: Okay! Okay, I should have called! I’m a jerk!
  • Jonelle: Did he just admit that he’s a jerk?
  • Wes: He’s in therapy.
  • Jonelle: Huh… you. Come. Close to the body.

(after discussing the preliminary autopsy findings)

  • Travis: Maybe Toby stole it [heroin]. He was living in a house full of ex-junkies. I used to have this foster brother who was…
  • Wes: [ignoring Travis, talking to Jonelle] You look good!
  • Jonelle: Thanks!
  • Wes: It was good to see you.
  • Jonelle: You too.
  • Wes: Are you still biking?
  • Jonelle: Not as much, I do a lot of aerobics now, thanks for noticing.
  • Wes: Yeah, no problem. Keep it up.
  • Jonelle: Yeah. Good seeing you.
  • Wes: Yup, you too. [leaves]
  • Travis: I like aerobics.
  • Jonelle: You’re still here…

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3 responses to “1×01 – Pilot

  1. jonelleandtravis

    Jonelle & Travis story is just begining, i think as the therapy goes, travis will learn to build more solid relationship and that relationship might be Jonelle unless Wes makes a move, but i am pretty sure he is still into his ex wife who seems to still care… so how many episodes is she scheduled to guest star so far?

    • It’s possible that you’re right. I doubt, too, that their relationsship will remain as it was shown in the pilot, through all 5 episodes.
      It’s 5 of 12 episodes, including the pilot, so there are 4 more episodes with her to come in this season.

  2. jonelleandtravis

    ok 5 episodes is not enough time to really develop a relationship between those two… Jonelle was too upset about Travis to not be interested in him… which gives me hope…

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