1×02 – Ride Along

In the second episode, “Ride Along”, Wes and Travis consult Jonelle about a suicide/murder case, while being accompanied by Dr. Ryan. Jonelle asks her if Travis told her about their (pretty short) relationship, but Dr. Ryan negates that. Jonelle then points out towards Ryan (and in front of Travis), that she’s in a very adult relationship now, and Ryan and Wes confirm – obviously lying – that she indeed looks happy.

Clra03 Clra04

Jonelle tells them details about their murder victim and kind of flirts with Wes…


…when she promises him to dig deeper into a suspicious injection mark on the victim’s arm. After an awkward silence Travis tries to take a sheet of paper with the victim’s finger prints from Jonelle’s desk. She raps  him over the knuckles and while he stares at her in disbelief, she gives the paper to Wes.

 Clra24 Clra26

Screencaps (c) USA Network


  • Wes: Hey Jonelle
    Jonelle: Wes. Come on in. [sees Travis] Oh. Joy. You’re here.
    Wes: Jonelle, this is Dr. Emma Ryan.
    Ryan: Hi
    Jonelle: Nice to meet you.
    Wes: Oh, and you remember Travis here.
    Jonelle: I noticed that he’s wearing his courting cologne.
    Ryan: You went to Fairchild? I spent a year working there in the depression research unit in the psych ward
    Jonelle: Oh, so you’re their psychiatrist.
    Wes: Yes, she’s observing us for the day. You’re supposed to pretend she isn’t here.
    Jonelle: Oh, just like going to the zoo.
    Wes: Well…
    Jonelle: Did… did Travis tell you about me?
    Wes: No… no I had to break that […?].
    Jonelle: Oh, well… for the record: I’m over him. I’m in a very adult relationship right now.
    Ryan: Good, you seem happy.
    Wes: Y’seem really happy. Doesn’t she seem happy, Travis?
    Travis: Yeah. I’m happy too. Can we get to the autopsy please?
    Jonelle: Sure.
  • Travis reaches for the paper with the victim’s finger prints and Jonelle hits him
    Travis: [in disbelief] Did you just hit me, for real?!
    Jonelle: [she gives the paper to Wes] There you go, Wes!
    Wes: Yeah, nice. Thank you, Jonelle.
    Travis: [grinning] Very adult.

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