1×06 – Performance Anxiety

After they failed to make their 399th arrest, Jonelle teases Wes and Travis by taking up the running gag within the department (comparing them to Richard Burton & Liz Taylor).


After that she gives them a helpful information for their case about some drugs they found in the hiding place of a criminal couple on the run.

PA24 PA26

Screencaps (c) USA Network


  • [Wes clears his throat]
    Jonelle: Oh, well, looky who the cat dragged in… the boys who just can’t seem to seal the deal.
    Travis: Woh… we’re just two arrests away from the legion of honor!
    Jonelle: Yet you just missed! Twice from what I hear. But don’t worry about it, boys, Burton and Taylor, they had their rough patches too.
    Wes: You know about the Burton-Taylor thing…
    Jonelle: We all do. Captain Sutton explained it to us after the time Travis threw your desk chair out the window.
    Travis: Did he say who is who?
    [Jonelle gives him (or Wes?) a meaningful look]

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