1×07 – Role Play

[I think the quote says it all] 😀

all (c) USA Network


[Wes comes in, dressed like Travis]
Jonelle: What are you, hung over?


Wes: What do you mean?
Jonelle: Your hair is a mess and you’re dressed like you just rolled out of bed.
Wes: It’s a thing we’re doing for therapy. Role play. When Travis gets here, I’m gonna show him what it’s like when the professional partner – i.e. me – is saddled with a ill-dressed malcontent. [Jonelle gives him a meaningful look] What?


Travis: Good morning, Jonelle. So, what do you think?
Jonelle: You’d make a good grownup. [Travis smiles] It’s too bad it’s just a costume. [his smile freezes] Let me guess. A contest?



Travis: Only in the sense that Wes is getting his ass kicked. Only one suit, huh?
Jonelle: Let me help you guys cut to the chase with all this what-have-you. You two, as messed up as you both indeed are, need each other. Wes, you need Travis to be Travis, so you can be you. You don’t need Travis to be more like you, whether you realize it or not.
Travis: That’s deep.
Jonelle: Same thing goes for you, too.
Travis: That’s just stupid.
Wes: Honestly, Jonelle, we appreciate it, but we’re not here for pop psychology. We’re here for real science.


Jonelle: Really? Fine. I don’t envy your therapist. But since I don’t get to do a tox screen on a living suspect instead of a dead victim every day, here you go.

[… she explains what she found out… ]

Travis: Mm. All right, thank you.
Jonelle: Uh, Travis?
Travis: Huh? Yeah?
Jonelle: You, um… you got a… price tag on your suit.
Wes: He got a good deal.

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