1×11 – Hot for Teacher

After Wes and Travis both start having… interesting dreams about Dr. Ryan, they talk about that while Jonelle finishes doing paperwork; she overhears their conversation and butts in, smirking:


  • Jonelle: You boys are hot for teacher…
    Travis: How much of that did you hear?
    Jonelle: Only the good parts. [she laughs as Wes and Travis look embarrassed]  So… I guess I have you two to thank so very very much for keeping me on my toes. [sounds increasingly irritated] It’s not every day that I get to use a jackhammer to identify a corpse! It’s exhausting!
    Wes: Well… what did you learn?


[after watching the ridiculous ad video of the killed lawyer]

  • Travis: I hate this guy!
    Wes: Yeah… everybody hates that guy. Why would the Armenian mob want him killed?
    Jonelle: You mean besides his commercials?


Screencaps (c) USA Network

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