Approval and answered questionnaire

Alicia commented on the fanpage. Here’s her opinion on this site:

You are doing a wonderful job on the site - truly. I appreciate your time and the work you've put into it - its dignified and very well done. I thank you for that. Keep up the GREAT work! Love - Alicia =)

Will do! Thank you very much, Alicia, for your time and of course for your kind words. I’m really happy and proud that you like this site. I’m even more motivated now!

What does this mean for this fansite? It’s no longer “not (yet) approved”!

Also, Alicia answered a few of your questions that I had sent her:

1. Which of your roles do you like best?
I have been very fortunate in my career in that I have had the privilege of playing so many different types of characters... I have loved them all.

2. Would you like to make another appearance in NCIS as JAG lawyer Ltd. Cmdr. Faith Coleman?
Of course! I loved that role! She was perfectly flawed in her pursuit of perfection.

3. Have you ever read a fanfiction about one of your characters?
I think so... for Mimi on Jericho.

4. What do you think about Facebook, Twitter etc? Do you consider using it for publicity or do you rather stay absolutely private?
I have no idea how to „Tweet“ or use Facebook. It doesn’t interest me in the least. Nor would I think that anyone would be interested in what I’m doing other than my work! Who cares, if I’m at the market?

5. Which was the emotionally most challenging scene you acted?
I think the emotion in Detroit 187, playing a wife who is telling her exhusband (Michael Imperioli) that she has fallen in love with another man, was very raw and controlled – very challenging to do, to be actually.

6. In the remarkable „chick talk“ scene in Jericho, were you actually sitting opposite the chicken at some point, or was it cut in later? And how many takes did it take until this scene was finished?
The chicken and I were in the scene together. That chicken was a great actor! It did not take many takes – it was all right there and we didn’t want to tire the chicken.

7. Is there any TV show ( / movie / stage play) that you would really love to be part of?
I’d love to work with David Mamet on anything he does.

8. I noticed that you very often play emotional characters. The best examples: Anita in „Profiler“ or the tear of solidarity as Faith Coleman in „NCIS“, or of course in Jericho when Mimi learns that Bonnie’s been killed, but also in Blind Justice, Crossing Jordan etc.
Is it very easy for you to evoke tears? How do you do that? Do you think of something terrible, do you put yourself in the situation of your character so intensively, or are you able to cry at command without further measures of imagining the situation?
I’m a very emotional person. I feel very deeply and have access to that emotion. I’m also a big proponent of believing with everything I am what is happening in any particular scene. If I’m honest within a scene, the emotion will be there.

9. Which was the funniest scene you acted?
I loved my scenes with Tony Shalhoub in Monk, the chicken scenes in Jericho, and my scenes with Michael Ealy and Warren Kole in the upcoming Common Law for USA.

10. Is there any scene that includes any of your roles, that you would have written differently, if you had had the power to change the script?
I don’t think so, each character is as she should be.

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5 responses to “Approval and answered questionnaire

  1. Rachael Donaldson

    I love this site very much! how did you contact her? keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Is there a chance that Alicia would be willing to autograph her book for me?

  3. I was thinking that I could send an addressed/ prepaid mailing envelope along with the book to her agent, editor or a PO Box # (to protect her privacy).

  4. I’m sorry, my previous statement might have been confusing. I meant to say that I would send the book (for an autograph) in a self-addressed/ prepaid envelope. That way it could be returned to me at no expense to anyone else. I was thinking that I could send it to an agent or editor, who could then forward it to Alicia. Or, if she has a PO box number, I could send the book there.

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