Site notice

Please do not send any fanmail for Alicia to the following address or e-mail address: It WON’T reach her.

Do not send me any mail – I will not open unknown letters.
Nele Schmidtko
Konstantinstraße 30
54347 Neumagen


If you feel offended by anything written or displayed on this page please contact me via the above-noted e-mail address.


2 responses to “Site notice

  1. Alicia Coppola

    Hi Nele!
    You are doing a wonderful job on this site and I truly appreciate all your efforts!!! Thank you also for the lovely Holiday Card you sent me and my family!
    THANK YOU!!!
    Alicia Coppola

  2. Alicia Coppola

    Also…. I want to thank all of you who visit Nele’s great site. I feel your support and encouragement. Thank you!!
    Have a great 2012!

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