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Suits “Rules of the Game” Gallery

As promised, I got round to writing down the quotes, which went pretty well, no one mumbled  😉 The one difficulty which I was wasn’t able to solve, even not by asking a handful of native speakers 😀 was during the hearing scene.

me: -> “”purge(r) oneself”? what the hell is “purge(r) oneself””
native speaker1: -> no idea??!
native speaker2: -> no idea??!
native speaker3: -> “maybe “perjure”?”
me: -> “oh yes! Wait, does this make sense? Yes, I think so.”
me: -> wants to post, googles again
me: -> “Wait, what?! Dictionary: “to purge oneself: to free (oneself) of guilt…””
me: -> “darn, this word actually exists?! And in law context? Great!”
native speakers: -> “no idea??!”
me: -> “okay, perjure makes more sense. I’ll take that.”


Yeah, sometimes I do wish I was an english native speaker. If “perjure” was the wrong choice, please tell me 😀

Anyways. Here’s the gallery.

Alexandra Leeds – Suits – 1×11 – Rules of the Game



Blood Money gallery

I don’t bring news this time, only an update. No, no “Suits” gallery yet, I just don’t find the time to write down the quotes and I’d prefer not to split the updates, so I’m afraid you have to wait a little bit. But I realized that the “Blood Money” version that ran on CBSaction and that I recorded preventively, was indeed the one with Alicia. Her part wasn’t that big in this movie, so here‘s at least the gallery of this role.

Blood Money – Gloria Restrelli

Enjoy. 🙂

PS: I’ll certainly upload the “Suits” gallery as the week progresses, so stay tuned. Plus I bought and already watched the movie “Sin”… so I’ll post that one, too… eventually.

Suits 1×11 – spoiler alert!

Okay, the ultimate confirmation that Alicia’s indeed gonna appear in the next Suits episode.

Source: TVline

This Thursday on the penultimate freshman episode of Suits (USA Network, 10/9c), legal eagle Harvey Spector receives two blasts from his past, when Gary Cole (Office Space) and Alicia Coppola (Jericho) guest-star as his former boss and a onetime colleague who are now respectively angling to hide and expose a dark, years-old truth.
Concurrently with Harvey’s rude awakening, Coppola’s character — now employed by the Attorney General — approaches her former colleague looking to get confirmation of Cameron’s buzzed-about, and potentially damning lapse in ethics.
“She’s trying to end his reelection [bid], so she’s trying get me to open up about him,” says Macht.
What exactly is it that Cole’s DA did back in the day that now has his election campaign running scared, and Coppola’s character out for blood? [...]

Ready the full article here – and don’t forget to tune in, Sept. 1, at 10pm EST on USA Network!

Suits 1×11 announcement // Crossing Jordan gallery update

Okay, according to TVGuide Alicia will appear in the Suits episode 1×11 – Rules of the Game, which airs Sept 1., 10:00 PM EST on USA.
(Obviously, I won the bet) 😉

But I don’t wanna post here empty-handed: I finally got to watch Alicia’ Crossing Jordan episode 2×20 and made three more screen captures. I already uploaded them, you can find them here (or by clicking on the thumbnail)

(the last three caps in the gallery are new. I’ll add the episode description eventually.)

Guest Role in “Suits” & Recurring role in “Common Law” confirmed

Great news: Alicia will appear in one of the upcoming episodes of “Suits”. Also her recurring role in “Common Law” was confirmed!

Alicia Coppola is suiting up to deliver a whole lotta drama on USA Network’s Suits.

TVLine has exclusively learned that the Jericho alumna — who currently recurs on ABC Family’s The Nine of Lives of Chloe King — will guest-star on an upcoming episode of the dramedy as Alexandra Leeds, a woman from Harvey’s (played by Gabriel Macht) past who suddenly appears to stir up some big trouble for the legal eagle.

Even more good news for Coppola and Team USA: The actress has been promoted to recurring status on the cabler’s recently ordered-to-series buddy cop show, Common Law, effectively putting her back in business with her former Jericho boss, Jon Turteltaub.

Source: TVline

I’ll keep you updated if there are any further news!