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Common Law cancelled

As you’ve probably heard by now, Common Law has been cancelled, there won’t be another season 😦

There’s quite a lot of TV appearances of Alicia in the next days:

  • Nov. 17th, 2 pm: NCIS 2×07 Call of Silence (USA Network)
  • Nov. 18th, 3:10 am: Sin (Encore Action)
  • Nov. 18th, 8 pm & Nov. 19th, 12 am & Nov. 19th, 4 pm: Dark Beauty (Lifetime Movie Network)
  • Nov. 20th, 1 pm: Judging Amy 5×07 Kilt Trip (Gospel Music Channel)
  • Nov. 21st, 10 am: Common Law 1×07 Role Play (Cloo)
  • Nov. 21st, 8 pm & Nov 22nd, 6 pm: Criminal Intent 3×04 But not forgotten (Oxygen) [is that really a channel? *lol*]
  • Nov 22nd, 10 am & Nov 23rd, 4 am: NCIS 1×18 Unsealed (USA Network)
  • Nov 23rd, 5 pm: Criminal Intent 3×04 But not forgotten (WGN America)
  • Nov 25th, 6:30 pm & Nov 26th, 4 pm: National Treasure II (Syfy)
  • Nov 26th, 7:30 pm & Nov 27th, 4:30 pm: Two and a Half Men 2×17 (FX)
  • Nov 27th, 4 am: Las Vegas 2×14 The Lie is Cast (Turner TV)

Enjoy! 😉


Common Law 1×11 “Hot for Teacher” gallery

Hi there,
USA network finally uploaded the episode and I got to make screen captures now. So, I present you the gallery of Alicia’s 5th Common Law episode:

Common Law – 1×11 – Hot for Teacher

Have fun 🙂

And in case you missed the news last time: Look who joined Twitter: http://twitter.com/alicia_coppola

Common Law 1×06, 1×07 (and announcement 1×11)

Hello there, finally I got around to making screen caps of Common Law 1×06 “Performance Anxiety” and 1×07 “Role Play”. Right on time for the episode 1×11 “Hot for Teacher” that airs today, which is Alicia’s last episode for this season.

Enjoy the galleries:

1×06 – Performance Anxiety

1×07 – Role Play

🙂 And don’t miss the episode today on USA Network!

Common Law “Ride Along” gallery

Hi there,

USA Network finally uploaded the second CL episode and I was about to make a few screenshots and update the gallery. You can see the gallery, a short description of Alicia’s part in this ep and the quotes here.

Also, her next Common Law episode, “Performance Anxiety” airs tomorrow, June 22nd, 2012 – at 10/9c on USA Network! Don’t miss it!! (I’ll probably only be able to upload the gallery in a few weeks, when USA uploads the episode, and if they continue at this pace… it can take a while).

Also, you can still email me (ACfans@gmx.de) your questions for Alicia or post them as comment in this or the last post.

More confusion about Common Law

Okay, according to the page view numbers rocketing, I guess Alicia was in yesterday’s Common Law episode – and suddenly “Ride Along” is listed as the episode after the pilot (instead of being the 3rd episode after the pilot), which was obviously yesterday’s episode. But then, it is listed for May 25 – I have no idea what is going on there.

I’m gonna change the announcements in the column on the right – evidently I can’t guarantee that the dates are correct, if the sources mix it up like that.

If she really was in yesterday’s episode, I’ll post the screencaps later. I depend on USA Network uploading the episode on their site.

Common Law – 0x01 – Pilot – gallery

Here it is. Over a year after the first announcement of the new series, I can finally present the first gallery (click on thumbnail or link below).

0x01 – Pilot – character name: Jonelle

Please forgive me any spelling errors and that one gap in the quotes (on the same site, beneath the gallery). I’m not an english native speaker.

My personal opinion about the pilot episode: It’s a show worth watching! Wes and Travis are hilarious together and Alicia’s scene was awesome, too. Funnily, her role reminded me of her second “The Sentinel” episode (where she played a forensic specialist, btw.). Looking forward to the next episodes.

Alicia’s next ep. is 1×03, as you can see in the column on the right.

No more confusion about tomorrow’s Common Law ep.

This should suffice as confirmation. Thanks @Karim!

So: Tune in tomorrow and watch the premiere of Common Law, May 11th at 10/9c!

Common Law pilot confusion / Operation: Jericho Resurrection!

The premiere date of Common Law is coming closer, and still the confusion remains. According this schedule – it’s from USA network which means, it should be reliable – the first episode they’ll show (on May 11th, 10:00 PM) will be the pilot episode.

The cast list on IMBD for this episode seems pretty precise and extensive – but Alicia isn’t listed. Which is confusing, because she was already cast for the pilot. So I urgently advise to watch this episode (leaving aside the fact that good ratings will of course help the show), because there’s a good chance that Alicia’s in it.


And in case you missed my excited tweets, this may interest you:

Netflix thinks about reviving Jericho!

You can read the full story here and if you wanna join other fans in pushing Netflix and CBS to do it, you can find all information about “Operation: Jericho Resurrection” here. Let’s bring back Jericho!

Common Law role description

Okay, this must be the shortest “news” ever (and there isn’t that much new information in it), but I didn’t wanna suppress it:

Recurring cast of "Common Law"
Alicia Coppola as a forensic pathologist working for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office.

Source: examiner.com – You can read the full preview of the show here.

Happy Easter!

Common Law premiere II

We finally got a date for the series premiere: May 11th, at 10pm EST on USA.

(source: http://www.facebook.com/CommonLawUSA)

I’m confident that they won’t delay it this time. There aren’t any news, if they will show the pilot episode, so we should assume, that they start with the episode “Joint Custody”. Alicia’s first appearance seems to be in 1×03, so that would be May 25th, but I’ll try to get a confirmation that she really doesn’t show up in the first episode. Of course I’ll inform you, as soon as there are more information.