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Suits 1×11 announcement // Crossing Jordan gallery update

Okay, according to TVGuide Alicia will appear in the Suits episode 1×11 – Rules of the Game, which airs Sept 1., 10:00 PM EST on USA.
(Obviously, I won the bet) 😉

But I don’t wanna post here empty-handed: I finally got to watch Alicia’ Crossing Jordan episode 2×20 and made three more screen captures. I already uploaded them, you can find them here (or by clicking on the thumbnail)

(the last three caps in the gallery are new. I’ll add the episode description eventually.)


Crossing Jordan – Road Kill: update

Since the “Crossing Jordan” episode 5×07 – Road Kill was repeated yesterday I finally got the chance to watch it myself. Now I added the full episode / character description (which is pretty long, compared with other guest appearances) and quotes. Forgive me, if there are orthographic mistakes and a few gaps where I didn’t get what they were saying – if someone can help me out, just leave a comment. Thanks 🙂

I also added 8 new screencaps, including caps from two scenes that were missing entirely before. They’ve a smaller size than the others.

Ryan Kessler – Crossing Jordan – 5×07 – Road Kill