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“Gracefully Gone” review by Carl Marsh/newsignedbooks

Carl Marsh from newsignedbooks.com recently wrote a beautiful review of “Gracefully Gone”

Gracefully Gone


Alicia Coppola

Please read this book.

I was fortunate enough to make contact with Alicia Coppola through social media, and it was on mentioning her book to me, that got me really intrigued to read it. I know that most of the time when you see or hear that an accomplished actor has written a book, you just think “Here we go again, autobiography time is it?” This book turns that thought/notion upside down. What Alicia has done is open her heart by combining her journals, and those of her late father’s, Matthew. Her father Matthew was diagnosed with brain cancer, he was not even 40. Alicia was 12 years old, and not even a teenager when she had to deal with this! She had to grow up almost overnight and skip teenage years completely. This book is a no-holds barred description of at times, a real loving family enjoying Christmas, enjoying life, it’s ups, and it’s downs. Alicia (and Matthew) leave nothing out. What they thought at the time, what they were thinking/feeling, it was all written down, in these journals.

Please read this book.

The book is set around the period of Matthew’s initial diagnosis, Alicia’s dealing with all of this, and then the time during/after the operations/treatments, and then the slow demise and eventual death of Matthew. It is about a life that we can all hope to never experience like Alicia and her family did. Alicia is an actress. Yes she is. She is also a real person. She is one who had to endure such heartache and growing up. One who hated the school she was at. One who despised the neighbours who, not once, showed compassion when her father was ill. One who eventually fell in love. One who was committed to her acting. One who was and very much is, committed to her loving husband and 3 perfect daughters. She is one who had to be the mother to her mother. She is one who had to be the parent to her brother. Yet through all this tragedy, she was just the one we all knew from the TV. Without knowing though, that she was the one going through all of this, alone.

Please read this book.

Alicia opens up in this novel like no-one, and I mean no-one I have read a true life story about, has opened up like she has. For any book publisher or agent to not have wanted to have taken this book and released it, it baffles me still. Alicia had to self-publish this. Good for her that she did. This book should be read by everyone and anyone. We all shall experience sadness, heartache, depression, love, good times, bad times. No-one is immune to any of these things. Forget that Alicia Coppola is an actress. See her as just like you and I. She is just like you and I. She may be on the TV more than you and I but… she is, like you and I. Although Alicia has had to endure such difficulties that (hopefully) none of us have or will experience, by losing a parent at such a young age.

Please read this book.

It would be criminal if it was not published by a main stream publisher.
Absolutely criminal.

Please read this book.

Alicia Coppola is a talented writer. She really is. Everyone that reads this book will see what a masterpiece it is, and for what it stands for. For me it stands for sadness, loss and wanting to never lose a father, mother, child, sister, brother. It also made me understand that I was/am not the only one who had to experience such a loss. I can connect with this book. I can connect with the message Alicia has put down into words. I can connect with how she dealt with things. I can connect with how she ends the book. I can connect.

Please read this book.

Her skill as a writer is breathtaking. This is one of those books that should be read by every single person that is born. This book deals with real life. I know as an actress she will portray fictional characters. This book is no fiction. Her expressiveness into words is, so moving, you would think the journals written, were done by you the reader. Alicia puts you in her shoes in this book. I cannot say anymore than that. You really are immersed in this story, albeit a shockingly sad true story.


Please read this book.

10 out of 10

Source: newsignedbooks.com

So, if you still haven’t read the book, you should! 🙂


Q&A / newsignedbooks

Hey there,

the site newsignedbooks.com posted a Q&A with Alicia – check it out here.

Articles for Open to Hope

Alicia has written two beautiful articles for Open to Hope:

November 24, 2013: Bereavement: ‘A Terrible Beauty’
(I have no idea how this could have escaped me before)

June 10, 2014: Lucky Charms – It isn’t just a Cereal


“Gracefully Gone” review

You think, „memoir“ equals either boring or so extraordinary that no mortal could identify him/herself with that person? Well, think again, or rather read Alicia Coppola’s book „Gracefully Gone“. It’s the fusion of two journals: her father’s, Matthew L. Coppola Sr. and her own, linked by his fight against brain cancer.

It’s a situation almost everybody can relate to. Lucky people, who haven’t lost a loved one to a disease, be it cancer, Alzheimer’s or any other life-changing and -taking illness! But even then, it is possible to feel for the 12 year old girl who tries to belong while her emotional vulnerability – having to deal with the fear of losing her father – makes her “a gazelle with a twisted ankle lying just outside a lion’s den” (p. 37). Or with the teenager who is desperately trying to find an anchor. Or, of course, the young woman of 22 years, who tends to her father in the final five months of his life, torn between nerve-wracking dreams and most precious moments like a father’s smile, that keep one going in such a situation which would consume everybody, let alone a young adult who already lost her childhood to the impending loss. As Alicia puts it: “Today was a hard one: A good one because I got to spend all day with my father but a hard one because I got to spend all day with my father.” (p. 121).

“Gracefully Gone” is split in four parts, the memories of her father, which are interspersed throughout the book, her own recalling the years from 1980 (when he was diagnosed with brain cancer) to August 1990, her journal from August 1990 to January 1991, and an epilogue 2013.

While reading this book, I partly felt like watching a movie, or reading a novel and I had to remind myself that it is in fact a true story. Not because it’s so unreal – it isn’t, as I stated above – but because it’s written in such a nonchalant, direct, non-artificial way, that it was as easy and entertaining to read as a novel should be. It made me not want to lay the book aside until I finished it. Although the whole situation is, of course, sad and partly tragic – you probably will cry, at least once! – , this book is far from being a tragedy. Be prepared to burst out laughing because of a funny turn you weren’t expecting, a phrasing that puts sassy teenage Alicia right in front of your mind’s eye, or because of dry wit shining forth. Something will make you laugh or smile even in the chapters about the gravest and most sorrowful times (to pick just one cue: nickname; p. 130).

One cannot possible miss that Alicia has written this book from her heart. Her love for her father shines out of and stands strongly behind every page.  The honesty and depth of emotion in “Gracefully Gone” will certainly touch your heart.

So if you don’t own the book yet, you should get it immediately – btw: it’s Christmas soon, so if you’re still looking for a gift for a friend or for something to put onto your wish list, here’s a suggestion ;))

2 radio shows!

There are two radio shows coming up in which Alicia will talk about Gracefully Gone, Teen Wolf and more!

A message from Alicia:
Please join me, Alicia Coppola, on Take2Radio  Wednesday 6/26/2013 7PM EST #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/C4WcfKufUw.  I will be talking about Gracefully Gone, Teen Wolf, and more…You name it, I’ll be talking about it!

The second is a day later:
6/27/13 from 12pm-12:50 pm PST.
To listen live
For COMPUTER go to: http://www.LATalkRadio.com
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Powerful review of “Gracefully Gone”

Gracefully Gone already got some very positive reviews on Amazon, but here is another one, by the author Barbara Caridad Ferrer (“When The Stars Go Blue” and “Adios to My Old Life”, among others): http://caridadferrer.com/2013/06/21/gracefully-gone-by-alicia-coppola/

If you still need convincing to buy Gracefully Gone (but why should you? ;)) or simply enjoy reading a good review, check it out!

Soap Opera Digest & Jericho chat transcript

Hi folks, here you can find the Jericho newsletter the transcript of the chat with Alicia last Thursday (or here directly), very well moderated by Gwen and Matt.

Also, here is a small glimpse of the Soap Opera Digest article about Gracefully Gone:

Soap Opera Digest
You see, you should get your hands on it 🙂

Live chat tonight + Soap Opera Digest tomorrow!

Hi folks!

Just got news that you can chat with Alicia about her book, tonight, Thursday June 13, at  7 pm Pacific Time / 9 pm Eastern in the JKI Chat room: http://jkchat.apphb.com/Chat

Also, Alicia’s 4 page article in Soap Opera Digest – about Gracefully Gone, with lots of photos – comes out tomorrow (!), Friday, June 14th, not as previously stated on June 17th.

“Gracefully Gone” available now!

Hi @all!

Alicia’s book Gracefully Gone is now available on Amazon.com.

Here’s the link!

Enjoy & let us know what you think!

“Gracefully Gone”

Hi people,
there are some very exciting news I can tell you now, the biggest announcement first:

1. Alicia has written a book which will be available on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com some day between June 10-16th, in time for Father’s Day. The book’s called Gracefully Gone. It’s a fusion of two journals, Alicia’s, and her father’s, Matthew Coppola. His journal was written in 1982, two years after his diagnosis with and remission of brain cancer, Alicia’s was written in 1990-91.

Here’s a picture of the book cover and a blurb (both © Alicia Coppola)

Gracefully Gone

I am a mother, a wife and an actress. But first I was a daughter. At the age of 12, my world became the inside of a washing machine when my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer.
In Gracefully Gone, the following ten years are documented in Journal form, from diagnosis to remission, in my father, Matt’s words. Then as he lay dying, a decade later, through mine as I struggled to grow up within cancer’s murky shadow. There are a lot of tears and a lot of laughter, (it wasn’t all horrific!) but most of all, love. This is a duet between father and daughter. It is the literary version of Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole’s Unforgettable. Cancer may have taken him from me, from our family and from my daughters, but it cannot take my memories and my love.

I will keep you updated and post the links to the book at Amazon and Barnesandnoble as soon as they are available.

Look out for more information soon.

2. Alicia will be doing a Radio show on Thursday May 30th, 2013, to talk about Gracefully Gone and Teen Wolf etc.

You can listen LIVE from 11am – 11:50am PST
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3. Alicia will have a large article in SOAP OPERA DIGEST, Issue June 17th, 2013. So, look out for it at the newsstands!