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Q&A / newsignedbooks

Hey there,

the site newsignedbooks.com posted a Q&A with Alicia – check it out here.


Radio shows / interviews

Hi there, long time no see.

Since Alicia was guest on quite a few radio shows since she has published “Gracefully Gone”, I added a new page with information on the date and – if available – a link to the site where you can download / listed to it: Radio shows / Interviews. (TV & Radio appearances –> Radio shows/Interviews)

I’ll try to keep it updated!

PS: You might have noticed that the “roles” pages had disappeared for a while. They’re going through a makeover. The pages for Ally McBeal, 3/8 American Dreams, Blind Justice, Blood Money, Bones and Castle are back online, but it’ll take a while to edit all of them, so please be patient. 🙂

2 radio shows!

There are two radio shows coming up in which Alicia will talk about Gracefully Gone, Teen Wolf and more!

A message from Alicia:
Please join me, Alicia Coppola, on Take2Radio  Wednesday 6/26/2013 7PM EST #BlogTalkRadio http://t.co/C4WcfKufUw.  I will be talking about Gracefully Gone, Teen Wolf, and more…You name it, I’ll be talking about it!

The second is a day later:
6/27/13 from 12pm-12:50 pm PST.
To listen live
For COMPUTER go to: http://www.LATalkRadio.com
For SMART PHONE/TABLET, download the “LATalkRadio” app for iPhone, iPad or Android
Click on: The “Listen Live, Channel 2”
To listen/download the show later
Go to iTunes Store Podcasts and search for “The C Spot with Wendi Cooper”
– or –
Go to Wendi’s show page: http://www.latalkradio.com/Cspot.php