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Soap Opera Digest & Jericho chat transcript

Hi folks, here you can find the Jericho newsletter the transcript of the chat with Alicia last Thursday (or here directly), very well moderated by Gwen and Matt.

Also, here is a small glimpse of the Soap Opera Digest article about Gracefully Gone:

Soap Opera Digest
You see, you should get your hands on it 🙂


Live chat tonight + Soap Opera Digest tomorrow!

Hi folks!

Just got news that you can chat with Alicia about her book, tonight, Thursday June 13, at  7 pm Pacific Time / 9 pm Eastern in the JKI Chat room: http://jkchat.apphb.com/Chat

Also, Alicia’s 4 page article in Soap Opera Digest – about Gracefully Gone, with lots of photos – comes out tomorrow (!), Friday, June 14th, not as previously stated on June 17th.

Ask your questions!

First, I apologize that I still wasn’t able to post anything about Alicia’s second Common Law episode. I depend on USA Network uploading the episode onto their homepage, but the only video available there is the pilot. Unless someone from the US with DVR makes screencaptures for me (and writes down Jonelle’s lines and tells me what happens in the episode “Ride Along”), I won’t be able to update the Common Law section, until USA Network uploads the episode.

Second: Alicia agreed to answer questions of her fans again, as she did with the first questionnaire. So, if you have any questions for her, please e-mail them to me: ACfans@gmx.de

I will compile a few questions (or pick a dozen, if there are too many), and forward them to Alicia. Please take a look at the first questionnaire before sending your questions; maybe she already answered yours 😉

And last, but not least: I assumed, that the big question about Jericho certainly would be asked, so I already asked it in advance 😉

If someone of the powers that be, asked you to re-join Jericho season 3 as Mimi, would you do it (that is, if you’re not involved in another project then)?

Of course we have all heard about the possibility of Netflix resurrecting JERICHO....A few of us, Skeet, Kenny and Brad have been chatting about it.... it would be most fun and of course, if it became a reality I would definitely be on board! I had such a great time on JERICHO and made some great friends.... I would welcome the opportunity.

Thank you, Alicia, for your kind replies!

Common Law pilot confusion / Operation: Jericho Resurrection!

The premiere date of Common Law is coming closer, and still the confusion remains. According this schedule – it’s from USA network which means, it should be reliable – the first episode they’ll show (on May 11th, 10:00 PM) will be the pilot episode.

The cast list on IMBD for this episode seems pretty precise and extensive – but Alicia isn’t listed. Which is confusing, because she was already cast for the pilot. So I urgently advise to watch this episode (leaving aside the fact that good ratings will of course help the show), because there’s a good chance that Alicia’s in it.


And in case you missed my excited tweets, this may interest you:

Netflix thinks about reviving Jericho!

You can read the full story here and if you wanna join other fans in pushing Netflix and CBS to do it, you can find all information about “Operation: Jericho Resurrection” here. Let’s bring back Jericho!

Answers to your questions

Do you remember that a few months ago, I asked for questions to send to Alicia? I had picked 10 questions – she answered all. Here are the questions and answers – typed out (hopefully we deciphered everything correctly)

1. Which of your roles do you like best?
I have been very fortunate in my career in that I have had the privilege of playing so many different types of characters... I have loved them all.

2. Would you like to make another appearance in NCIS as JAG lawyer Ltd. Cmdr. Faith Coleman?
Of course! I loved that role! She was perfectly flawed in her pursuit of perfection.

3. Have you ever read a fanfiction about one of your characters?
I think so... for Mimi on Jericho.

4. What do you think about Facebook, Twitter etc? Do you consider using it for publicity or do you rather stay absolutely private?
I have no idea how to „Tweet“ or use Facebook. It doesn’t interest me in the least. Nor would I think that anyone would be interested in what I’m doing other than my work! Who cares, if I’m at the market?

5. Which was the emotionally most challenging scene you acted?
I think the emotion in Detroit 187, playing a wife who is telling her exhusband (Michael Imperioli) that she has fallen in love with another man, was very raw and controlled – very challenging to do, to be actually.

6. In the remarkable „chick talk“ scene in Jericho, were you actually sitting opposite the chicken at some point, or was it cut in later? And how many takes did it take until this scene was finished?
The chicken and I were in the scene together. That chicken was a great actor! It did not take many takes – it was all right there and we didn’t want to tire the chicken.

7. Is there any TV show ( / movie / stage play) that you would really love to be part of?
I’d love to work with David Mamet on anything he does.

8. I noticed that you very often play emotional characters. The best examples: Anita in „Profiler“ or the tear of solidarity as Faith Coleman in „NCIS“, or of course in Jericho when Mimi learns that Bonnie’s been killed, but also in Blind Justice, Crossing Jordan etc.
Is it very easy for you to evoke tears? How do you do that? Do you think of something terrible, do you put yourself in the situation of your character so intensively, or are you able to cry at command without further measures of imagining the situation?
I’m a very emotional person. I feel very deeply and have access to that emotion. I’m also a big proponent of believing with everything I am what is happening in any particular scene. If I’m honest within a scene, the emotion will be there.

9. Which was the funniest scene you acted?
I loved my scenes with Tony Shalhoub in Monk, the chicken scenes in Jericho, and my scenes with Michael Ealy and Warren Kole in the upcoming Common Law for USA.

10. Is there any scene that includes any of your roles, that you would have written differently, if you had had the power to change the script?
I don’t think so, each character is as she should be.

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Alicia Coppola @ Comic-Con San Diego

Last Minute News:

If you're planning on attending San Diego Comic Con, make sure you stop by the IDW booth #2643 on Saturday between 2 - 3 PM for the Jericho signing. Appearing at this signing will be Dan Shotz (Writer, Producer), Robert Levine (Writer, Producer), Matt Federman (Writer, Producer) and special guest cast members Brad Beyer & Alicia Coppola.

Source: IDW Publishing

TV appearances update & Twitter Account

Hi there. I just updated Alicia’s TV appearances. In the next weeks she can be seen in NCIS, Monk, National Treasure, CSI, Jericho and Two and a Half Men, depends on where you live (USA/UK/Germany/Switzerland).

Also I created a twitter account. I’ll use it to inform you more often about her appearances, so, follow me 😉