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American Dreams 2×12 and 2×15 galleries

I just realized I didn’t upload the screen caps of the last two American Dreams episodes, so I did that now.

American Dreams – 2×12 – Real to Reel

American Dreams – 2×15 – Shoot the Moon

Have fun 🙂

PS: you can find the caps of the other AD episodes here.


American Dreams – 2×08, 2×10, 2×11 Galleries

This time I uploaded three galleries at once, because there were only very short appearances  in every episode, so, very few screencaps.

Nancy – American Dreams – 2×08 – Change a comin’
Nancy – American Dreams – 2×10 – The 7/10 Split
Nancy – American Dreams – 2×11 – Beyond the wire

That leaves two more episodes for the next post. I hope there’ll be news by then – it slightly worries me, that there haven’t been any announcements yet, whether USA Networks picked up Common Law or not. Cross your fingers.

American Dreams 2×06 – “Rescue Me” Gallery

Here are a few screencaps from the episode “Rescue Me”, the third of eight episodes, Alicia is in.

Nancy – American Dreams – 2×06 – Rescue Me

Also, I updated the TV appearances until June 8.

American Dreams – 2×04 “Crossing the Line” Gallery

Sadly ABC cancelled the show Detroit 1-8-7, so there won’t be any new appearances of Alicia in that series.

As a scrap of comfort I uploaded the second American Dreams gallery.

Nancy – American Dreams – 2×04 – Crossing the Line

Have fun! 🙂

American Dreams 2×03 “Another Saturday Night” Gallery

Yes, I’m still here. Sorry for the delay, didn’t find the time to select and label the screenshots of American Dreams I wanted to post. Here’s now the gallery of Alicia’s scenes in her first episode.

Nancy – American Dreams – 2×03 – Another Saturday Night

The other galleries will follow soon, one by one. Have fun. 🙂