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Questions answered

Hello, fellow fans 🙂

I come bearing gifts… A while ago I announced that Alicia agreed to answer your questions and some of you sent in a few. Now I’m happy to tell you, that she answered all of them. Thank you so much, Alicia! 🙂

Here are the questions and answers!


1. Which Another World scene – not featuring either Linda Dano or John Aprea – stands out in your mind as your most memorable? (Tara)
I very much enjoyed working with Grayson McCouch. He is a thoughtful actor. I thought the scenes of Lorna’s rape were handled very well, with great grace and dignity. They stand out in my mind. Also, I always liked working with Ricky Paul Golden, he’s a sharp and generous actor.

2. Of all the movie/tv memorabilia in the world, the one item I wanted to own more than any other was Lorna’s mercury dime ring.  Did you wind up with that or did it go to TV prop heaven in the back of a drawer at the studio? LOL (Tara)
LOL! I loved that ring too… I don’t know where it is. I fear it is in Prop Heaven! I do however have Lorna’s Pager! It is still in the gift box our wonderful Prop Master gave it to me in!

3. You’ve said you have no Twitter account or Facebook page, but would any amount of pleading from your fans convince you to change your mind?  You don’t have to tell us what you’re having for lunch everyday, LOL, but it would be great to be able to interact with you. (Tara)
I finally succumbed to 2012 and got on Twitter. I have no idea how to use it really but I am learning and having fun with it. I will never tell you what I am eating for lunch or how many poopy diapers I have changed through out the day as I don’t want to bore you all with my comings and goings!!! But It means a lot that I can respond personally to all the lovely things people who have been following my career say about me.

4. Let me just say, Alicia…I LOVED you on Another World. You created a character, Lorna Devon..that was so unique ..and strong. I also watched Jericho…loved it. NOW..I’ill have to find this Common Law show which I didn’t’t know about till Twitter !! You have many fans, Alicia. I’d like to know if you still live In New York or Long Island now. Thank you. Lynne from Hiram, Ga… (Lynne)
Oh! How i wish I could say I live in NY, but I live in LA. I miss my home like crazy and hope one day to move back with my family. I enjoy LA but NY it aint!

5. Hi Alicia, What was your favorite scene and memory from JERICHO? (Mark)
This is a toughie. There isn’t a memory of Jericho that isn’t wonderful. I truly mean that. Every minute I got to spend on that set with those actors, crew, writers, producers and directors was magical. I hope that doesn’t come off as saccharine but its the truth. What we had on that show as a group was special and is missed by all of us.

6. Hi Alicia…you really caught my eye in Jericho…and then I started noticing you in a lot of shows that you had appeared in before and after Jericho. Quite an impressive list. Upon further research I was surprised that you were on Remote Control. Recently I saw Double Down on Netflix (but it is called Zigs on IMDB). Sadly you were only in a couple of scenes…but I was wondering if you had any stories/anecdotes from that project? Thanks for your time and good luck in all your future endeavors. (Jeff)
HAHAHA! That was a fun experience. I recall very clearly all of us sharing the same trailer. I really enjoyed working with Mars Callahan, the writer and director. He is a very talented man and I hope to work with him again soon!!! Hey Mars! Are you reading this!!!! Lets go to work!!!! :)!

7. Hi Alicia. It’s probably a pretty dumb question, but I’m curious about „behind the scene“ details: Do/did you do the stunt scenes (almost getting drowned in „Sin“ , or also in „Velocity Trap“, getting tossed around by an explosion) yourself or did you have a stunt double for that? (Leila)
I do it all myself! I am very proud of that too! Although I will always try to do my own stunt work, (especially stunt driving as I love to drive and in my fantasy life I am Danica Patrick!!) I will never do something that I feel might be too hard and cause injury. I have to be strong and fit for my work, but it is most important to me to be heathy and uninjured for my children and my husband, so I will never push too far. There are professionals for that!!

8. I always wanted to say, I love your acting. The creepy Dr. Susan Hillridge (CSI) was the first role of you that I saw and then Debbie in Blind Justice and of course the one and only Mimi Clark. If we can do anything to bring Jericho back to life, please let us know. I would love to know what brought you to your acting career, what made you wanna become an actress. Did you always, from childhood on, want to be an actress? “Muchos saludos” from Sevilla/Spain (Adriana)
Thank you for your support of Jericho! I too, dream and wish for it to come back…just keep up the support and emails and letters and prayers!!! I don’t know that I became an actress. I think if i were to really think about it, I was born an actress and when the path presented itself to me to follow, I did. It is not an easy path, but it is the only one that I have ever felt truly happy walking.

9. This is a bit embarrassing. I thought I knew every CSI New York episode, but recently I saw that you are listed for the episode “Manhattan Manhunt“, as Carmen Cavallo.  I watched it again and either I’m blind or had a blackout or watched the wrong episode – I simply didn’t see you, and I didn’t find any further hints on the fanpage or elsewhere. Are you indeed in this episode? Or were your scenes cut out? (Adriana)
You are not blind! I did indeed do the  Manhattan Manhunt Episode. I played David Caruso’s lawyer, but sadly the scenes were cut out and I don’t know why. I did enjoy working with David.

Thank you Nele for bringing me these questions [you’re welcome!] and thank you to everyone who asked and keeps up with the incredible fan page Nele has created on my behalf. I am most grateful and appreciative of all your support and kindness. I hope to be doing something exciting soon for all of you to tune into and will let you know asap!!!!!

With Love,

Alicia Coppola


Surprise surprise!


Just a quick post before I’m without internet for today:

Jeff, Mark and Lynne, please take a look at your comments on this page – they have been answered! 🙂

Thank you, Alicia, for taking the time.

And then, last but not least, more great news for us fans:

Please say HELLO to a new member of the twitter universe! Alicia is on Twitter now!! Everyone can follow her @alicia_coppola


Ask your questions!

First, I apologize that I still wasn’t able to post anything about Alicia’s second Common Law episode. I depend on USA Network uploading the episode onto their homepage, but the only video available there is the pilot. Unless someone from the US with DVR makes screencaptures for me (and writes down Jonelle’s lines and tells me what happens in the episode “Ride Along”), I won’t be able to update the Common Law section, until USA Network uploads the episode.

Second: Alicia agreed to answer questions of her fans again, as she did with the first questionnaire. So, if you have any questions for her, please e-mail them to me: ACfans@gmx.de

I will compile a few questions (or pick a dozen, if there are too many), and forward them to Alicia. Please take a look at the first questionnaire before sending your questions; maybe she already answered yours 😉

And last, but not least: I assumed, that the big question about Jericho certainly would be asked, so I already asked it in advance 😉

If someone of the powers that be, asked you to re-join Jericho season 3 as Mimi, would you do it (that is, if you’re not involved in another project then)?

Of course we have all heard about the possibility of Netflix resurrecting JERICHO....A few of us, Skeet, Kenny and Brad have been chatting about it.... it would be most fun and of course, if it became a reality I would definitely be on board! I had such a great time on JERICHO and made some great friends.... I would welcome the opportunity.

Thank you, Alicia, for your kind replies!