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Suits “Rules of the Game” Gallery

As promised, I got round to writing down the quotes, which went pretty well, no one mumbled  😉 The one difficulty which I was wasn’t able to solve, even not by asking a handful of native speakers 😀 was during the hearing scene.

me: -> “”purge(r) oneself”? what the hell is “purge(r) oneself””
native speaker1: -> no idea??!
native speaker2: -> no idea??!
native speaker3: -> “maybe “perjure”?”
me: -> “oh yes! Wait, does this make sense? Yes, I think so.”
me: -> wants to post, googles again
me: -> “Wait, what?! Dictionary: “to purge oneself: to free (oneself) of guilt…””
me: -> “darn, this word actually exists?! And in law context? Great!”
native speakers: -> “no idea??!”
me: -> “okay, perjure makes more sense. I’ll take that.”


Yeah, sometimes I do wish I was an english native speaker. If “perjure” was the wrong choice, please tell me 😀

Anyways. Here’s the gallery.

Alexandra Leeds – Suits – 1×11 – Rules of the Game



Blood Money gallery

I don’t bring news this time, only an update. No, no “Suits” gallery yet, I just don’t find the time to write down the quotes and I’d prefer not to split the updates, so I’m afraid you have to wait a little bit. But I realized that the “Blood Money” version that ran on CBSaction and that I recorded preventively, was indeed the one with Alicia. Her part wasn’t that big in this movie, so here‘s at least the gallery of this role.

Blood Money – Gloria Restrelli

Enjoy. 🙂

PS: I’ll certainly upload the “Suits” gallery as the week progresses, so stay tuned. Plus I bought and already watched the movie “Sin”… so I’ll post that one, too… eventually.

Suits 1×11 announcement // Crossing Jordan gallery update

Okay, according to TVGuide Alicia will appear in the Suits episode 1×11 – Rules of the Game, which airs Sept 1., 10:00 PM EST on USA.
(Obviously, I won the bet) 😉

But I don’t wanna post here empty-handed: I finally got to watch Alicia’ Crossing Jordan episode 2×20 and made three more screen captures. I already uploaded them, you can find them here (or by clicking on the thumbnail)

(the last three caps in the gallery are new. I’ll add the episode description eventually.)