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Castle 3×15 – The Final Nail gallery

Hi there, the long awaited Castle episode aired yesterday. What do you think?
I really liked the solution. Capped the episodes as fast as possible and already wrote down the quotes and a summary. Beware of spoilers in case that you didn’t watch it yesterday.

Here we go:

Amber Patinelli – Castle – 3×15 – The Final Nail

Character Infos, Quotes & Gallery

Have fun. By the way, I’m soon gonna add a gallery for Alicia’s role in Monk, so stay tuned.


Castle 3×15 – press release

Finally, the official press release for 3×15 and affirmation that Alicia’s among the guest actors:


“The Final Nail” — Castle and Beckett find themselves on opposite sides of the case when Castle’s old school friend (guest star Jason Wiles) emerges as the prime suspect in his own wife’s murder. As they work to solve the crime, Castle comes to realize that one of two terrible things must be true… Either Detective Beckett is about to arrest an innocent man for murder, or his old friend is a cold-blooded killer, on “Castle,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Castle” stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito and Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan.

Guest Cast: Jason Wiles as Damian Westlake, Tom Irwin as Simon Campbell, Alicia Coppola as Amber Patinelli, Efrain Figueroa as Ray Salazar, Andrea Bogart as Callie Langston.

“The Final Nail” was written by Moira Kirland and directed by John Terlesky.

Source: ABC

Castle News

Good news! Castletv.net and TV.com also listed Alicia as guest cast member of the Castle episode The Final Nail (3×15), so I guess the rumour’s true after all. This ep will air on Valentin’s Day (February 14).

Of course I’ll try to make screencaptures and upload them soon after “The Final Nail” aired.

Rumour: Alicia in Castle?

Let’s call it a rumour, since I haven’t found any confirmation for this IMDB information yet. There’s no evidence  on the usual spoiler pages, but I’m cautiously optimistic that this information may be true:

Castle – 3×15 – The Final Nail

Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Andrea Bogart ... Callie
Paul Clausen ... Charles Utley
Alicia Coppola ... Amber Patinelli
Jack Dimich ... Morris Hasberg
Efrain Figueroa ... Ray Salazar
Marlene Forte ... Blanca
Kareem J. Grimes ... Omar Washington
Tom Irwin ... Simon Campbell
Michelle Anne Johnson ... Officer Greta Bailey

Source: imdb

If that’s true, this would be the character description from the casting call:

1.) FEMALE (38-40; Caucasian) - AMBER PATINELLI. The best friend of our murder victim, Julia Westlake. She helped run an interior design firm that Julia owned. She is distraught to learn about her friend's murder. GUEST STAR;
Source: SpoilerTV

Let’s hope so!