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The Sentinel “Vanishing Act” Gallery

Now, on sunday aired the second of Alicia’s two episodes of “The Sentinel”. It was very amusing to see her role Samantha play “catch me” / “hard to get” in front of Blair 😉 Pity that she didn’t appear in more episodes.

Here’s the gallery:

Samantha – The Sentinel – 2×20 – Vanishing Act

Character Info, Quotes & Gallery

Have fun!

Btw.: There are 37 of her 60 roles capped and uploaded on this fanpage now. Two more will be added soon. Not bad, isn’t it?! 😉


The Sentinel “Light my Fire” Gallery

As I announced so excitedly on Twitter various times, Alicia’s first of two episodes of “The Sentinel” aired yesterday on CBS action. A good chance to see one of her older appearances (from 1997). She only appears in ~ 3 1/2 minutes of the episode, but her role is kinda funny 🙂 I enjoyed watching it. Anyone else?

Well, here is the gallery for this episode, plus character info & quotes:

Samantha – The Sentinel – 2×14 – Light my Fire

Character Info, Quotes & Gallery

Have fun 🙂

PS: The second Sentinel-episode she’s in will air on March 27 at 16:00, according to this page.