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Common Law – 0x01 – Pilot – gallery

Here it is. Over a year after the first announcement of the new series, I can finally present the first gallery (click on thumbnail or link below).

0x01 – Pilot – character name: Jonelle

Please forgive me any spelling errors and that one gap in the quotes (on the same site, beneath the gallery). I’m not an english native speaker.

My personal opinion about the pilot episode: It’s a show worth watching! Wes and Travis are hilarious together and Alicia’s scene was awesome, too. Funnily, her role reminded me of her second “The Sentinel” episode (where she played a forensic specialist, btw.). Looking forward to the next episodes.

Alicia’s next ep. is 1×03, as you can see in the column on the right.


No more confusion about tomorrow’s Common Law ep.

This should suffice as confirmation. Thanks @Karim!

So: Tune in tomorrow and watch the premiere of Common Law, May 11th at 10/9c!

Common Law pilot confusion / Operation: Jericho Resurrection!

The premiere date of Common Law is coming closer, and still the confusion remains. According this schedule – it’s from USA network which means, it should be reliable – the first episode they’ll show (on May 11th, 10:00 PM) will be the pilot episode.

The cast list on IMBD for this episode seems pretty precise and extensive – but Alicia isn’t listed. Which is confusing, because she was already cast for the pilot. So I urgently advise to watch this episode (leaving aside the fact that good ratings will of course help the show), because there’s a good chance that Alicia’s in it.


And in case you missed my excited tweets, this may interest you:

Netflix thinks about reviving Jericho!

You can read the full story here and if you wanna join other fans in pushing Netflix and CBS to do it, you can find all information about “Operation: Jericho Resurrection” here. Let’s bring back Jericho!

Common Law premiere delayed

After announcing the season premiere for late January, USA Network has now moved the show to summer 2012. So we’ll have to be patient.

Here you can read more.

Common Law premiere

So, the first episode of the new show Common Law, “Joint Custody”, will air on January 26th at 10pm EST. According to the previous spoiler news, Alicia was supposed to be in the pilot episode.  I’m not sure if the pilot episode is the first ep, which would make sense of course, but on IMDB the pilot is listed as a different (unknown) episode. Also, her role name isn’t listed for the first episode, on the other hand she’s listed for the episodes 3 “Ride Along” & 4 “Performance Anxiety” (and according to the Common Law producer – as reported before – she’ll be in 2 of the first 4 episodes).

So I can’t rule out that she’ll be in the episode “Joint Custody”, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Safest way to be sure will be, to watch the episode 😉

Appearance in Common Law episodes

Thanks to Karim Zreik, executive producer of Common Law, I just got the information that Alicia will appear in 2 of the first 4 episodes of the show. Since they’re working on the 4th episode at the moment, I think that’s a pretty good rate for a recurring role 🙂

I’ll keep you posted when I learn more about her role.

Twitter page & role name confirmed!

The official Common Law FB page guys confirmed that the twitter account @CommonLawWrites is legit, so the information about Alicia Coppola’s role’s name is kinda confirmed.

Name of her “Common Law” role?

If the twitter account @CommonLawWrites is legit (I’m not sure, waiting for confirmation via the official CommonLaw_USA account), the name of Alicia’s role in this upcoming show is Jonelle.

Please treat this information with caution – there are so many impostors tweeting around, so I wouldn’t bet on it, as long as nobody on the official Twitter or Facebook page has confirmed that account or the information.

Btw.: the gallery of the “Revenge” episode will come… soon.

Suits 1×11 – spoiler alert!

Okay, the ultimate confirmation that Alicia’s indeed gonna appear in the next Suits episode.

Source: TVline

This Thursday on the penultimate freshman episode of Suits (USA Network, 10/9c), legal eagle Harvey Spector receives two blasts from his past, when Gary Cole (Office Space) and Alicia Coppola (Jericho) guest-star as his former boss and a onetime colleague who are now respectively angling to hide and expose a dark, years-old truth.
Concurrently with Harvey’s rude awakening, Coppola’s character — now employed by the Attorney General — approaches her former colleague looking to get confirmation of Cameron’s buzzed-about, and potentially damning lapse in ethics.
“She’s trying to end his reelection [bid], so she’s trying get me to open up about him,” says Macht.
What exactly is it that Cole’s DA did back in the day that now has his election campaign running scared, and Coppola’s character out for blood? [...]

Ready the full article here – and don’t forget to tune in, Sept. 1, at 10pm EST on USA Network!

Suits 1×11 announcement // Crossing Jordan gallery update

Okay, according to TVGuide Alicia will appear in the Suits episode 1×11 – Rules of the Game, which airs Sept 1., 10:00 PM EST on USA.
(Obviously, I won the bet) 😉

But I don’t wanna post here empty-handed: I finally got to watch Alicia’ Crossing Jordan episode 2×20 and made three more screen captures. I already uploaded them, you can find them here (or by clicking on the thumbnail)

(the last three caps in the gallery are new. I’ll add the episode description eventually.)