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BTS photo of Alicia and Zac Efron

Alicia just posted this lovely photo of her and Zac Efron, taken on the set of “We are your friends” on Twitter!


Update on Criminal Minds and We are your friends

TVline just releaved the name and a tiny bit of information about Alicia’s role in Criminal Minds:

“… Coppola will play Lisa Randall, the head of a Morgellons syndrome support group who’s “willing to go as far as she can to protect group members privacy.”

Source: TVline

Also, Alicia told me, that “We are your friends” will be a feature film! According to IMDB it will hit cinemas next year.

New roles!

Hi folks!

Alicia recently revealed two new projects:

I am super excited to join @ZacEfron  @emrata @shilohfernandez in @maxjoseph film #WeAreYourFriends. #brilliantscript #brilliantcast


(…)  I’m heading back to @CBS to spend some time with @CrimMinds_CBS and @larryteng! #THRILLED!

 + update:

First day going to the @CrimMinds_CBS  set with @larryteng Super excited!

It seems we’ll see her soon on TV and maybe even on the big screen? (speculation on my part, I don’t know if “We are your friends” will hit the cinemas or “only” our TVs)

Expect more information soon!